Because Together is Better
Warrior Kids has 3 distinct goals to assist families with Type 1 Kids:

Community Support
With a Type 1 diagnosis your family just hopped on the blood sugar roller coaster. It's a wild ride that few others can relate to, full of finger sticks, CGM's, carb-counting, and sleepless nights. Warrior Kids is here to let you know you are not alone, and we speak the same language.

Our FaceBook page is used mostly by parents seeking advice from other parents, or simply needing a place to vent when this disease just refuses to cooperate.

Our Warrior Kids events are designed to allow kids to interact with other Type 1 kids. Kids derive such comfort in knowing they are not alone, nor are they the odd kid with a device stuck to their arm or belly.

Join our mailing list as a parent or family friend of a Type 1 kid to get the latest information about upcoming events.

Living as Type 1 Diabetic
Besides the obvious medical challenges our kids face, there are other challenges in day-to-day living. We believe some of these small challenges can be overcome with outreach and partnership with businesses. Just a few examples:

- the challenge of having to guess the carb-count at a family restaurant because they did not print the nutritional information for the kids menu.

- the "sugar free" dessert that isn't really sugar free. And the effect it has on your kid's blood sugar will send you scrambling for insulin.

- the "sugar free" menu includes one or two options while the regular menu has dozens of flavors.

Financial Assistance
Type 1 families are constantly faced with out-of-pocket costs not covered by insurance. These costs for medical supplies and co-payments can easily run families $300-$400 per month. Sadly, these high costs can lead to insulin-rationing or poor medical choices in order to save money.

Warrior Kids plans to assist families with these costs when possible in order to improve the medical health of Type 1 kids in need.